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Shipping and storage The Mouse Monoclonal Antibody against Human SDC1 is transported on ice packs at +4C and upon receipt should be stored at -20C or -80C. We recommend you to prepare the working dilutions in advance so that you avoid freez-thaw cycles that might denaturate the peptide chains of the antibodies, thus reducing their reactivity and/or specificity.
About Monoclonals of this antigen are available in different clones. Each murine monoclonal anibody has his own affinity specific for the clone. Mouse monoclonal antibodies are purified protein A or G and can be conjugated to FITC for flow cytometry or FACS and can be of different isotypes.
Properties If you buy Antibodies supplied by Cusabio they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.
Storage buffer Preservative: 0.03% Proclin 300, Constituents: 50% Glycerol, 0.01M PBS, PH 7.4
Research Areas Neuroscience;Cancer;Metabolism;Signal transduction;Stem cells
Spectificity specific for human CD138 denatured and native forms.
Long name Mouse Monoclonal Antibody against Human SDC1
Alias Syndecan 1,CD138,SDC1,CD138 Antigen
Immunogen Recombinant Human SDC1 Protein
Form Liquid buffered solution
Clonality Monoclonal Antibody
Conjugate Non-conjugated
Synonim Anti-SDC1 MAb
Purification method Protein G
French translation anticorps
Uniport ID P18827
Tested applications ELISA
Immunogen species Human
Species reactivity Human
Purity >95%